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Mobile Web

The mobile device medium has shifted the way consumers interact with businesses, and thus requires new technologies and strategies to deliver your message and create an experience suited for your mobile visitors.

Mobile development, when done properly, can be a very cost-effective way to expand your business online. There are many things to consider when taking your website mobile, including what you want to achieve through your mobile site, the various mobile platforms, usability opportunities and limitations, and mobile optimization.

Mobile web design isn’t about “shrinking to fit.”  It involves taking a message and carefully translating it to a new medium, one that is powerful yet unique in its delivery capabilities.  This can be accomplished by making your website mobile compatible and/or by creating native mobile applications.

Porter Willis understands the big picture and the nuances of mobile design that can make or break a visitor experience – from platform compatibility and graphic boundaries, to mobile information architecture and visitors’ browsing habits.